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Thought it time to have an update on my flirtation with cycling, my last post was still a little speculative and brimming with enthusiasm and hope, so was it justified? Well since then I’ve had a total hip replacement, and lengthy recovery period, which meant 6 months or so without venturing out at all. That got me to early spring 2018, at which point I bit the bullet and splashed out on a new bike (below) which means I now have a “proper” bike and a “winter” bike for the current inclement weather (with an indoor trainer for when it’s too grim outside to face going out). The hip still causes me pain, and the knee is still awaiting a replacement, but both continue to be reasonably pain free while cycling meaning that being out on the bike still gives me a much needed feeling of “normality”.

Another step which was a no-turning back moment was investing in a Garmin and reviving my neglected Strava account, now as well as the tired legs I have to deal with the guilt when I have failed to record any rides for a while. Still, I’ve managed to rack up over a thousand miles over the past year so not too shabby.

The new bike? After lengthy research for my needs, and a few test-drives, I went for aluminium over carbon, and opted for a Cannondale CAAD 12 105 disc. Was just about in the price range I was looking at, and I felt the ride on this one was better than the comparable carbon bikes. Been very happy with it so far, but can see how the temptation to have bikes for every occasion can become an unhealthy obsessions (fortunately I don’t have the storage space!).

Cannondale CAAD 12 105 disc

So on the whole, going well, over the summer regularly going out on longer rides of 40-50 miles, but need to make the riding more regular, build up a bit more fitness and stamina and throw in a few focussed training sessions, especially geared towards hills (excuse the pun). I still have no intention to start any competitive riding, so I guess that’s leading to less motivation to do this, but let’s see how it goes this calendar year and perhaps re-evaluate.

Of course, having a decent bike also means worrying about transporting it, and I don’t have the most practical of cars for either shoving into the boot (with back seats down it’s possible, but not easy) nor for fitting a regular bike rack. So again, after a bit of research, invested in a SeaSucker Talon (below). Have been a bit nervous about using it, no major issues so far, but until now have resisted any long distance journeys involving motorways!

SeaSucker Talon

Here’s a video link for a Piston Head’s review of these things on an F-Type, nicer car than mine, but you get the idea!


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