SLideshow Viewer 3.0 for Second Life


SLideshow Viewer 3.0 now available in four flavours:

  • SLideshow Viewer COPY:modify/copy L$ 1200
  • SLideshow Viewer SINGLE: modify/transfer L$ 250
  • SLideshow Viewer SINGLE pack of 5 L$1000 (useful if you intend to deed several copies)
  • SLideshow LITE: modify/copy/transfer L$ FREE

Find copies and demonstrations at University Maths/64/41/24

Or find them on Marketplace: Copy version, Single version or Lite version.

Contact Ee Maculate with any queries.

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  2. Dick Huiras (icsconnect voom) SL

    I have purchased the Slideshow Viewer 3.0 full version. Can I deed it to the land and then put it in a holedeck? Will the deed ball rezz each time or will I have to deed each viewer as it is rezzed in the deck?

  3. The copy version is no transfer, and only transfer objects can be deeded hence the “deed ball”. You rez the deed ball once for each viewer and then deed it to the group owned land, it is then permanently partnered with the viewer and doesn’t need to be rezzed again. IM me in world if you have any problems with it and I will be glad to help!

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