UFO – Seven Deadly 2012

sd_coverThis album is the band’s fourth with guitarist Vinnie Moore, and the years of song writing and extensive touring together have borne fruit in a deliciously well constructed and varied album (it goes without saying that Mogg, Parker and Raymond were already a well oiled package). For me the last couple of albums have been missing something, they’ve been good, but not quite there for a reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The missing ingredient that makes you want to play it on repeat until the CD melts. I remember the first time I gave the seminal Walk On Water a spin back in 1995, as soon as the first track opened you knew you were getting something special, and so it was for this album too.

The opening offering Fight Night, closely followed by Wonderland, reminding you that first and foremost UFO are a rock band with an outstanding pedigree. Things slow down a bit from then on, including the sublime balladesque Angel Station, and the album is a mix of catchy riffs and bluesy style of varying degrees with the occasional catch of something that reminds you of earlier albums. Mogg’s voice, like an old wine, gets better with age

The digipack comes with two “bonus tracks”, the very catchy Other Men’s Wives that a dare you not to be tapping your feet to, and Bag O’Blues which conjures up Phil and Paul sat at a piano in a smokey bar room at 2 o’clock in the morning. Not one of UFO’s finest tracks, but a bit of fun.

In summary, an excellent addition to the band’s extensive back catalogue, with strong contributions from all the members but coming together as a tight unit and feeding off each other’s strengths.

Phil Mogg -Vocals
Vinnie Moore – Guitars
Andy Parker – Drums
Paul Raymond – Keyboards and Rhythm Guitars

Additional: All bass guitars by Lars Lehmann


Fight Night Raymond/Mogg
Wonderland Moore/Mogg
Mojo Town Moore/Mogg
Angel Station Moore/Mogg
Year of the Gun Raymond/Mogg
The Last Stone Rider Moore/Mogg
Steal Yourself Moore/Mogg
Burn Your House Down Moore/Mogg
The Fear Raymond/Mogg
Waving Good Bye Moore/Mogg

Bonus Tracks

Other Men’s Wives Moore/Mogg
Bag O’ Blues Raymond/Mogg


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