Queen at Wembley 1986

queen86Having finally got around to replace my audio tape version of Queen Live At Wembley with a CD copy (I guess the video will get the DVD treatment very soon too) I had an urge to write a blog entry on it since even now listening to it at full blast brings back happy memories. As a teenager I was lucky enough to be at one of the concerts that made up this recording, it was, and still is, the single best live performance I have witnessed. Freddy Mercury was a colossus, he could have commanded the 70,000 strong crowd to do anything and they would have done so without hesitation, his early demise is indeed a huge loss to the music industry. The whole set was nothing short of stunning.

Despite the rain, the wait for the main event was made bearable by the support acts, although it was The Alarm who outshone the rest by a long way (had never seen Status Quo live before, and have never been tempted since!), they showed no stage fright and put on the performance of their lives. 68 Guns live at Wembley Stadium… awesome!

Only regret? I got to meet Brian May backstage at Wembley Arena many years later, absolutely lovely chap, made the effort to say hello to everyone from the performers to roadies to hangers on like me, but I chickened out of producing my ticket from the ’86 gig for him to sign!

Of course, the only other problem is every concert I’ve been to since pales in comparison, and I’ve been to some pretty damn good gigs!


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  1. Hell yeah!

    I was there too, front row for 9 odd hours was well worth it. I still get goosebumps and the shivers when I hear the opening of One Vision, especially that live version. I was at Knebworth too, and am sooooooo glad I got to see them live.

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