UFO – Try Me

Gettin’ Ready for the UFO gig in Leamington Spa tonight I stumbled upon this on YouTube (taken from the second disc of the Showtime DVD (2005) with Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, Vinnie Moore, Jason Bonham and string section (Pete Way is not involved in this track but is in the background). Nice rendition of Try Me (from 1977’s Lights Out), but I expect them to rock a bit more this evening!


Mathematician at the University of Warwick in the UK with research interests in equivariant bifurcation theory and applications, especially in modelling of insect locomotion. Teaching interests include online learning and innovative teaching methods. Also in a past life has been involved in summer school courses, and online material, for Gifted and Talented. He has been active on the Internet since 1995, initially though his UFO and Michael Schenker website, but now through a multitude of projects.

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