Nuneaten followup…..

Follow-up to Nuneaton from Dr. Dave’s blog

The reason for my rather oblique blog before is that I had the misfortune to drive through Nuneaton the other day en route to somewhere much more interesting. Well, drive “through” is not really what happened…..

The A444 goes through Nuneaton… you follow the signs A444 Nuneaton… then you reach this place and the signs turn into A444 through traffic.

You drive past a pleasant looking fountain that looks like a big dandelion:


and follow the signs A444 through traffic….

After a few more roundabouts (all the time following signs for A444 through traffic) you come across a familiar looking fountain:


That’s odd… two identical fountains.

Then you pass another Tescos.. that’s odd.. two big Tescos next to each other…

Then you pass another fountain:


Arrghhhhhhh! They should call the place bloody Hotel California.

I eventually escaped (well, the first time I realised after 5 minutes that I was actually heading back towards Coventry), but it was more through luck than judgement.

I came back home later that day by another route.

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  1. Yeah… I thought so too the first time!

  2. If you get lost in Nuneaton how do you manage Cov Ring Road? link It’s far worse.

  3. Nah! Cov ringroad is great (as long as you’re a local). Although you do occasionally see cyclists on it… which is a little worrying…

  4. I’ll stick to cadging a lift or Shanks’ pony. Much easier.

  5. Hmm, only 3 of those fountains? They must have knocked two of them down since I was last there! Shame really, they do look pretty.

    I don’t quite understand getting lost on Cov ringroad though – it’s the driving equivalent of paint by numbers. Or Russian roulette if you want to join it!

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