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Writing about The film quiz! from A petrosexual’s tuppence

OK.. getting bored with marking assessments (you students think doing exams is bad!) so thought I’d do one of these “slightly more interesting than watching paint dry” things…….

Last film I saw at the cinema

‘Turetski Gambit’.. in a cinema in Russia… unfortunately all in Russian, but if you get a chance to see the English version (Turkish Gambit) it’s a good action film with some nice special effects. Don’t know if it would be subtitled or dubbed.

Last film I watched on DVD/on computer/TV etc

‘Friday 13th Part Zillion’ they had two of the later ones back to back on late night TV… was supposedly marking but at that stage I was flagging a little. Only watched them cos there was nothing else on really… aren’t they supposed to be scary?

Films I’m looking forward to seeing

Seem to be repeating others but the last Star Wars would have to be the only one really… nothing else vaguely exciting otherwise, although there is that new one with Nicole Kidman in.. no idea what it’s about but who cares! 🙂

Total number of films I own

No idea… more than I have time to watch.. and certainly a lot of shelf space. As well as new ones have been replacing all my favourite videos with DVDs… same thing happened when CDs came out, all the vinyls got replaced at great expense for no real reason!

Five films that mean something to me

1. ‘Star Wars Episode IV’ the first ‘real’ film I saw at the cinema, when it first came out (up until then it had been Bambi, Snow White and Oliver Twist). It’s still got it after all these years….

2. ‘Psycho’, the original Hitchcock version of course not that awful remake (why do people keep remaking classics?). This was the film that set the standard for horror and still makes me jump. Whoda thought that a homocidal transvestite could be so scary?

3. ‘Highlander’, the first one of course. Just such a cool film made even cooler by the Queen soundtrack.

4. ‘Cry Freedom’. Film about Steve Bico and South African apartheid.. very emotional and moving film. The only film I’ve seen at the cinema that where I’ve wanted to stand up and shout at the screen. If you haven’t seen it then you should….

5. ‘Dead Calm’. Nicole Kidman… nuff said.

Other mentionable films: Toy Story, Italian Job (the original version!), Event Horizon (most disturbing film EVER), A Fish Called Wanda, Pulp Fiction.

Passing the baton…

Can’t be bothered! 🙂

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  1. The new Italian job is pretty good I reckon, save for the painful mention of the original…

  2. Cry Freedom was the only genuinely good film we were ever made to watch in RE classes. I wonder if its in SRC.

  3. Did you go see the “Queen + Paul Rodgers” tour then?

    I saw them in Basel….very good show actually!

  4. I mentioned this on someone elses Blog the other day cos they’d been to see them at the NEC (?)… I was lucky enough to see Queen live in ’86 at Wembley (the gig that was released on CD).. Freddy Mercury was awesome.. so refuse to see the latest incarnation cos it won’t even come close.

    Have met Brian May backstage at a gig since then (another reason I won’t go is that these days I only seem to go to gigs where I get a backstage pass.. paying for a ticket would be too much of a step backwards).. top bloke… apart from the hair.

  5. Can see why you wouldnt be so keen having seen the real thing….Though I am more of the “better than nothing” camp…Though the ticket prices are OBSCENE!!! £55 plus booking?!?!

    Obviously I would have much rather been to them years ago…Sheer Heart Attack sort of time would have been awesome…

    Would also love to have seen Ac/DC with Bon Scott….as great as Brian Johnson is…i dont think he is a patch on Bon….(tho the hammersmith gig in 2003 kicked arse)….

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