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linkimageThis is a quick post that isn’t really designed to be read, but is to collect my thoughts about what jobs need to be done around my various web presences such as updating, tidying up, general procrastination as well as maybe other projects that have fallen by the wayside that need to be picked up again. Guess I’m going through a phase where I’m re-evaluating a lot of things, and the list I’m gathering below is at least a set of objectives that need to be sorted out, and with a bit of effort can be done so quite easily, so it’s a good, safe, place to start. Other things may not be so straightforward! Was going to call it a checklist, but that will make me feel guilty if several months down the road very little of it has been tackled, so let’s call it a wishlist instead!

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Website Maintenance

hostroutelogoThe main reason for the lack of updates on this Blog for most of the summer has been due to procrastination over whether or not to move my entire site, along with four other domains, to the cloud hosting service offered by my web-hosts Hostroute, who I’ve been with since 2001. Their homepage boasts the benefits (greater reliability, super-fast, multiple backups, green), but to be honest I’ve never had any problems with them in the last 11 years, and was concerned by the fact I would have to do a manual move of all the files, emails and databases since the architecture was totally different. The pluses however were that I could control all my domains under one umbrella, have greater control over them (as well as saving money) and have the choice of php versions under each sub-domain which has been an issue recently with installed packages. (more…)

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A Tale of Hotlinking

hotlinkjediFor the uninitiated, “hotlinking” (also known as inline linking) is where you embed an image in a web page, but instead of that image being on the same server, the page links to an image elsewhere on the web and downloads it from there each time. Great you might think, I don’t have to worry about storing the image on my server, and I’m not going to have lots of bandwidth problems since it’s not being retrieved from there either! Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that since it means that the person who is hosting the image is having to pay for the bandwidth each time that image is downloaded from your page (i.e. each time that web page is accessed). There is also the risk that the person you’re ripping off can have some fun… (more…)

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