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xbugReceived one of these as a gift fom a graduating tutee, and thought it was so cool it was worth a blog!¬† These bugs come as a flat disc of aluminium, you twist out the pieces, fold and arrange them and then hold it all in place witha single nut and bolt (allen key provided!). As a bonus it comes with some mini bugs too. It’s a bit fiddly, and a little patience is required (not something I have in abundance) but the final product is pretty neat. You can find them on Amazon, or from the manufacturers website, although I’ll warn you, they do lots of other cool¬† stuff too (including other bugs) and you’ll spend ages looking through the pages. (more…)

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casent0103190_p_1For someone as obsessed about insects as I seem to be, the AntWeb project ( is a fascinating collection of information and photographs. The idea is to catalogue all 12,000 species of ants around the world, gleaned from museum collections and captured using innovative photography techniques to get the best possible resolutions (the image included here is not the highest resolution). I was first alerted to this site by a piece on it by the BBC ( which includes a selection of these photographs, but they are so stunning you can’t help but peruse the current collection. The “About” section of the website captures how fascinating these creatures are quite well: (more…)

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