Warwick University Maths Second Life Island


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  • Virtual Mathematics Update
    Following on from last term when the bulk of the discussion on web tools to disseminate mathematics happened, this term is where the individual projects are developed and produced (with a deadline for final submission over the Easter vacation). There is still a weekly seminar, but now only an hour, and primarily to discuss how ...
  • Virtual Mathematics
     Recently saw the final lecture of a new and innovative module which I’ve been teaching at the University of Warwick. “Virtual Mathematics”, the main thrust of which was to discuss various ways of disseminating mathematics online. The module is technically only half way through, next term will be spent developing individual online projects which form ...
  • Second Life Maths Sculptures
    This post is to highlight the various sculptures scattered around the Second Life “Warwick University Maths” island, which can be accessed at this SLURL. There is always a lot of discussion over the impact of education using Virtual Worlds (usually against a backdrop of the bad publicity that always makes the tabloids), but what cannot ...
  • Ee’s SLideshow Viewer and Second Life 2.0
    So, Linden Labs caught everyone by surprise and made the Beta 2.0 viewer the main release for new residents, despite there being numerous bugs that still need to be fixed. Pertinent to Ee’s SLideshow viewer are the new shared media facilities, or more precisely changes to parcel media.
  • Christmas on Warwick University Maths Island
    A freak snowstorm has hit the tropical Second Life island of the Warwick University Maths department (SLURL: http://tinyurl.com/56ykb2), conincidentally just in time for the Christmas break!
  • Second Life + LaTeX = SLaTeX
    It has long been a problem that one of the biggest obstacles to doing mathematics in Second Life was the inability to write equations. Of course, there is a counter argument that this forces you to be more imaginative in finding ways to get the same ideas across and there is a huge amount to ...

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