Apart from a couple of years at Oxford the remainder of my mathematical career has been at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK. I am currently the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department and sit on various committees within the University, many involved with teaching and learning. My mathematical interests are summarised below and within the links to other pages on this site.

Bifurcations with Symmetry

hydrophone-arrayMy main area of research leading on from the work I did for my PhD thesis, also known as Equivariant Bifurcation Theory, I am interested in both the theory (in particular of coupled networks of cells) and interesting applications (such as arrays of hydrophones and insect locomotion). Read more here.


Insect Locomotion

legnumberingA topic I have been interested in since the final year of my undergraduate degree, and the topic of my MSc. dissertation. Research into how insects walk has applications in robotics but is also of great interest to biologists since the mathematics can try to unravel how the so called Central Pattern Generator may be wired up, and how it may have evolved over time. Read more here.


Mathematics in Industry

goodandbadspringsI have also been involved in the use of mathematics in solving industrial problems, most recently through the European Study Groups with Industry. Problems have been from a wide range of diverse topics such as chlorination of swimming pools to scheduling of plane departures at Heathrow Airport. Read more here.


Gifted and Talented

PrintInvolvement in Gifted and Talented going back over 10 years, mostly through the University’s G&T organisations NAGTY (National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth) and now IGGY (International Gateway for Gifted Youth). Involvement has been though running summer school courses in both the UK and abroad, blended and online provision, workshops and consultations. Read more here.


Education in Second Life

mathsisland_largeThere is a large and vibrant educational community in Second Life and other virtual worlds which I have been part of for a number of years. As part of this I maintain an island for the Mathematics Department with a mixture of mathematical sculptures and tutorials, and an active sandbox. The beauty of Second Life is the ability for students to explore three-dimensional objects in an immersive environment that is both flexible, and free. Read more here.


Lecture Modules

Within the department I have been teaching several large (up to 350 plus students) core undergraduate modules as well as a 2nd/3rd year module covering basic techniques in systems of nonlinear ODEs from an application driven point of view.  Read more here.


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