GR86 – First Impressions

rearlogo_gr86 I’ve been a happy owner of GT86s for the past 10 years, but despite being a great car it has always had a few niggling problems from the first generation (2012-2017 ) that weren’t addressed in it’s second iteration (2017-2021) of which I have had one of each. Then along came the GR86 (GR for Gazoo Racing) in 2022.

Unfortunately, by the time I discovered that this car was now on sale it had already sold out nationwide (a UK allocation of 500 sold out in 90 minutes). Toyota then allocated a new batch late last year but to get on the waiting list you had to pay an upfront 1k deposit and it was all done centrally rather than through local dealers. I provaricated, and in the end didn’t go for it. Fast forward a few months, get a phone call from my local dealership that I’ve been with for almost 20 years, would I like a test drive because they have a few leftover cars from that allocation and same day secured one!

Only a few days in, but absolutely no regrets. The most major change is the dreaded torque dip of the old GT86 has finally been fixed, more bhp, more torque, but crucially the max comes in a lot sooner and doesn’t then suddenly desert you as you accelerate (figure below from Toyota) this makes a huge difference.

Upgrades to the suspension and rigidity of the bodywork also very noticable and technology wise Android Auto compatibility (and Apple Play) very welcome. Boot slightly smaller (by 11 litres), and opening narrower than the GT86, but can confirm, after experimenting today, that I can still fit my roadbike in (with front wheel removed), although it involves a little more spatial manipulation!

Unclear how many will eventually be sold in the UK, but due to new EU/UK regulations Toyota will not be able to sell any more from now on over here. This one is a keeper, lovely car. 

Finally, for a bit of fun as per my GT86 post, performance figures for this car and my very first car back in 1987, an Austin Mini 850, as a totally useless comparison:

  First Reg  0-60 (secs) bhp  Top speed (mph)  Max Torque (Nm)
Austin Mini 848cc  1980 (V)  24.9  34  72  60
Toyota GR86 2387cc 2023 (73)  6.2  231  140  205



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