Downsizing in Fourmile – Phase I

going04Due to a change in real life circumstances, there was a need to start downsizing my land holdings in Second Life a few years ago, and in particular the outskirts of Fourmile Castle, I recently discovered a cache of snapshots I took at the time so thought I should document them somewhere, a considerable amount of time and effort was taken to build up the creations and, as is the Second Life way, if you want to downsize it is lost forever (not technically true, it’s all stored away as inventory, but I doubt I would be able to re-purchase the same land again and have the time or inclination to recreate it all).

I am now in the process of completing the downsizing by removing the remaining builds and selling off the land, I doubt a Phase II post will be of much use since it will just be empty land, but we’ll see!

Second Life was the leader in virtual worlds, and in some sense still is, but Linden Labs does somewhat shoot itself in the foot with extortionate land use fees stifling creativity and forcing people into cheaper alternatives such as InWorldz and various open source options like OpenSim.

Before After
Before After
Before After


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